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Occupational Training Program for Certified Welder

Key Points

Synopsis of the Program

The American Institute of Welding (AIW) offers a premier welding school for participants in Culpeper County VA, Loudoun County (NOVA), Northern Virginia; Maryland, and the Washington, DC Metropolitan areas. Our state-of-the-art training facility is located in Culpeper, VA.  There are two scheduling options for the program, Weekdays and Saturdays.

Weekday Program

Our Weekday Program meets twice a week in the evenings for a four (4) week period.

Weekend Program (Saturdays)

Our Weekend Program meets all day Saturday for four (4) consecutive weeks.

AIW - Welding school class scheduleGo to our Class Schedule Page for current detailed scheduling information & fees

Prospective students can call (703) 955-0462 for information, class schedules, and
registration or Contact Us Online.

Each student must be at least 18 years of age.

Students will be certified as a professional welder after successful completion of the practical exam.

AIW will assist the successful candidate with job placement. These services include providing information on job availability and assisting the candidate with the job application process. Please note that this is NOT in any way a guarantee of employment with us or with our associates.

Program Management

As the Program Manager, AIW agrees to take the action necessary to track and report all data required to calculate program completion rates, employment rates, and average earnings for all individuals successfully completing this vocational training program.

In addition, AIW agrees to provide an individual to function as a liaison between the parties.

Shop Safety

At AIW, worksite safety is primary in our culture. In addition to training as a certified welder, shop safety will also be a large part of the curriculum practiced every minute the students are in the shop. Students not adhering to AIW and OSHA Safety Regulations will be asked to leave.

About our Services

AIW provides an Occupational Training Program for a certified welder.

Upon the successful completion of our program, you will receive an Apprentive Welder Certicate.

It is the intent of this vocational training program to prepare individuals to obtain gainful employment within the community.

Welding Spanish welding instructors - AIW
Welding Instructors
Our welding instructors must meet our requirements for employment.

We require that our instructors be 18 years of age or older, and a US citizen or a green card holder. General Contractors have an obligation to have a worker complete an I-9 Immigration form.

Se habla Español!

For your convenience, we have Spanish-speaking instructors onboard.

Welder Certificate
Certicate of Apprenticeship
In as little as four weeks, you can become an Apprentice Welder.

Upon successful completion of our program, your instructor will present you with a Certicate of Apprenticeship.